Grand Aquatic . We are biggest collector and trading company that supplies high quality of tropical fish in southeast Asia base in Thailand. We have 8 contact farming of Koi breeding farm for supply high quality of Koi fish to our company. We can select best of the fish for our customer in USA , Europe , Middle East , Poland etc .

     We have stock ready to ship  :  

                 1. Assorted and  Selected  KOI  fish    3" - 16"

                 2. Assorted and Selected Long Fin  Koi fish    4" - 12"

                 3. Assorted and Selected Comet  4" - 6"


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All of fish past the quarantine system in our restricted area for free virus KHV and  Aquatic Animal Health certificate  from Department of Fisheries ,Thailand


Special Promotion...for USA and Europe customer

     If order Koi fish 6 boxes . we offer discount 20% and get free assorted Koi 3" 3 boxes.
(the customer pay only freight charge 50 kg. for 3 boxes)


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